Monthly Archives: March 2011

The People in My Day

Brent Delzer, 36, is currently serving a three-year federal prison sentence after pleading guilty in August to one count of conspiracy to traffic marijuana. “The Worst Summer Camp Ever” is a series of Delzer’s dispatches from the Federal Prison Camp in Duluth, Minnesota. The Feral Scribe interviewed Delzer on the eve of his surrender to federal marshals in September. That interview, which provides more details about his case, can be found here. Hello again from the frozen north. I wanted to start this installment with just a little more on my intentions and reasoning behind this series of articles. I… Continue Reading

Snoop Raps with Puppet for Airline

I’ve never been to New Zealand, but from those I know who have visited its two main islands in the south-west Pacific Ocean, it sounds like nothing short of paradise. With so much topographical beauty, history and a fair climate, you’d think it’d be difficult to turn one off on the idea of traveling there, at least on the country’s primary airline. Enter the ad released today by Air New Zealand, featuring its controversially misogynistic icon, Rico, a puppet developed with help from The Jim Henson Company. Rico is no Kermit the Frog, mind you. In fact, he looks more… Continue Reading

Nuclear Neighbors

The cooling towers at Three Mile Island nuclear plant loom over Middletown, PA. The city of Okuma Japan has been evacuated indefinitely pending the outcome of the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, where the cooling system for at least two of three failing reactors have yet to be powered up more than a week after the area was rattled by a 9.0 earthquake then ravaged by a 33-foot tsunami. So far, nuclear meltdown has spared Japan, but the situation remains serious. As of tonight, engineers are considering whether they’ll have to entomb the plant’s No. 3 reactor… Continue Reading

A Day at the Jersey Shore

The work where I work is finally winding down after three fairly brutal months of very long days. Today is my second day off since January 16, yet I can’t shake the feeling, sitting here right now, that I’m losing money. With only a couple of paychecks left before I hit the road again, clocking as many hours before I’m laid off is imperative, especially with gas prices climbing the way they are. I’m sure many of you have also been aghast these recent mornings upon seeing how much gas has spiked from the day previous. For me, petro is… Continue Reading

Turning Bones into Art

Skeleton of Harry Raymond Eastlick, who suffered a progressive condition that turned tissue to bone. A few Sundays ago, I was at Philadelphia’s Mutter Museum viewing the Hyrtl Skull Collection, an ensemble of multi-ethnic craniums collected from throughout Central and Eastern Europe by Dr. Josef Hyrtl during the early 1800s. Hyrtl, a professor of anatomy at the University of Prague, believed that racial and intellectual traits could be determined by studying the cranial bone structures of various groups. The museum acquired Hyrtl’s 139 skulls, along with thirty-six placentas and six sets of genitals, in 1875. Beneath each skull is a… Continue Reading