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Top Ten Road Trip Movies

Soaring gas prices mean many are unable to take long road trips this summer. Hell, if gas goes any higher, I’ll have to hitchhike rather than drive around America. It’s hard to imagine that when I began driving gas was around a dollar a gallon. Ah, the good old days. At any rate, for those of you unable to venture far from home in the coming months, here is a list of my favorite road trip/travel flicks that may assuage the pain of spending more to travel less. The Wages of Fear Sherman’s March Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN Little Miss Continue Reading

The Daily Dose of Indignities

Brent Delzer, 36, is currently serving a three-year federal prison sentence after pleading guilty in August to one count of conspiracy to traffic marijuana. “The Worst Summer Camp Ever” is a series of Delzer’s dispatches from the Federal Prison Camp in Duluth, Minnesota. The Feral Scribe interviewed Delzer on the eve of his surrender to federal marshals in September. That interview, which provides more details about his case, can be found here. Wow, it is really hard to stay motivated in this place. You’d think that, with all the time I have that I be cranking shit out no problem.… Continue Reading

The World’s First Modern Prison

Eastern State Penitentiary was the world's first modern prison. Its Gothic architecture was intended to scare prisoners and the public alike. Fairmount, Philadelphia – Eastern State Penitentiary was conceived in 1787, in the living room of Benjamin Franklin, a leading member of the Society for Alleviating the Miseries of Public Prisons. The reformist group was appalled by conditions at the recently opened Walnut Street Jail, located behind Independence Hall, where guards sold liquor to inmates and often made women available. The reformers believed that a policy of strict solitary confinement would better encourage spiritual development. In 1790, the society convinced… Continue Reading

Steve the Pig’s Crazy Adventure

Ridley Township, PA – Some stories are just plain ridiculous. On Thursday, a four-month-old Vietnamese potbellied pig named Steve managed to cut loose from his Clymer Street home, where he lived with his owner, Brian Maguire, 24, and Maguire’s girlfriend, Bernadette Broadhurst. Early Thursday morning, Maguire realized his six-pound buddy was missing. After scouring the neighborhood in this Philadelphia suburb, he called the Delaware County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals who told him that police had the baby pig. To Maguire’s dismay, police had nothing but bad news. They informed Maguire that keeping farm animals as pets… Continue Reading

My 200 Day Weekend Begins

Yesterday officially kicked off my 200 Day Weekend, being that Friday was my last day at work. Still, I woke early, brewed coffee and made French Toast and spent more than 12 hours watching a Star Trek: Next Generation marathon. The rain fell hard most of the day, so I don’t feel bad wasting the first official day of my elongated weekend. Unless misfortune strikes, I have 199 more in my pocket. I’d like to begin traveling ASAP, but I’ve got business to shore up in Philly before my lease expires on April 30. More importantly, Purple Thunder needs some… Continue Reading

7 Ways to Save Money on Road Trips

The Wisconsin River at Spring Green. Memorial Day weekend may bring with it record gas prices, which doesn’t bode well for those like me who’ve planned an entire summer of traveling by motor vehicle, in my case a gigantic gas-guzzling Ford E-150 Conversion Van. Luckily, there are numerous ways to get more mileage from your dollars. Here are some money saving tips for every road tripper. City Pass City Pass offers an affordable way of taking in museums, zoos and other points of interest. Available in nine major American cities and one in Canada, City Pass shaves 50 percent off… Continue Reading

The Warlock Speaks, but Doesn’t Dazzle

Manhattan, NY – The warlock arrived at 7:30 p.m. in a black SUV just outside the stage door of Radio City Music Hall. I had been in contact with the warlock’s publicist, Larry Solters, which is to say that Solters had denied my request for an interview with his client, a.k.a. Charlie Sheen. Undeterred, I told the security guard prior to Sheen’s arrival that I was supposed to meet Solters at 7 p.m. by the stage door. It’s a trick that has worked to get me backstage in the past, but New Yorkers are savvier when it comes to such… Continue Reading

I Heart Baltimore, Hon

At Angelo’s, we ordered “the biggest slice in town.” Coming in at 18-inches, was nearly the length of my forearm. Baltimore, MD – We rolled into Baltimore just after 6 p.m. on Friday, arriving at my friend’s home in the Hampden section on the city’s northwest side. Kendra, an old friend from Madison, moved to Baltimore 18 months ago, where she landed a nice job and has made enviable inroads into Baltimore’s comedy scene. She’s a comedienne, you see, and I’ve been meaning to visit and catch a performance. She’s insanely funny, and when she’s on, she’s on. But as… Continue Reading

Final Days in Philly

Philadelphia schools have made dispiriting headlines lately. Last year, more than 6,000 students and 500 teachers were assaulted. This elementary school sign near my house is emblematic of the tatters the city and its schools are in. At last, April is here, which, for me, means shoring up life’s odds and ends in preparation for another journey around America. Namely, this entails getting Purple Thunder, my trusty Ford E-150 Conversion Van, in proper working order. Those that follow this blog regularly will recall the electrical mishaps that put a wrinkly in an otherwise spectacular adventure last summer. While that issue… Continue Reading