Monthly Archives: August 2011

Alcohol Saves the Day

Chicago, Il – The second episode of my food vending enterprise took me to Chicago, where the jam band Phish played three nights earlier this week at the University of Illinois-Chicago Pavilion, just ahead of a three-night run in Denver that will cap the band’s 2011 summer tour. Following a lukewarm debut of Daisy Dick’s Donut Ballz at the Grateful Garcia Gathering earlier this month, I expanded the menu to include a few hardier food items. My sidekick and I also brought along a cooler full of dank Wisconsin beer and another full of bottled water. And, for good measure,… Continue Reading

4 Places to Visit Before I Die

As much as I’ve traveled I’ve never left America. Pathetic, right? Earlier this year I was eyeing an autumn excursion to Vietnam, then became curious about South America. Now I’m a food vendor with festivals lined up pretty much into October. But my appetite for foreign soil has been anything but satiated. In fact, after coming very close to purchasing a plane ticket to Bogota, Columbia – the would be jump off point for a South American adventure – I’m a tad regretful that I opted instead to plunk my change into a mobile food vending business, an idea baked… Continue Reading

Crowne Plaza’s War on Snoring

I’m a noisy sleeper. I admit it. A lifelong snorer and teeth grinder, my restless, racket-inducing sleep has been a flashpoint in many relationships, spurring many nights on the couch. More times than I can count I’ve sprang awake gasping for air after the chick next to me pinched closed my nose in a futile bid for peace and quiet. Once while at a conference in Minneapolis my buddy actually got his own hotel room after being unable to sleep through my snores and teeth grinding. Surely I feel bad about robbing people of their sleep, but there is little… Continue Reading

Daisy Dick’s Draggy Debut

The band plays to a nascent audience. Black River Falls, WI – Ya gotta love salient coincidences, those ones that punctuate life in ways that might tempt you to ascribe to them some deeper more transcendent meaning. On Thursday morning, as we rolled into Black River Falls, we saw hanging above the highway a banner announcing that weekend’s Jackson County Fair, which last year I worked as a carnie for Wenzel Amazements, an experience that in part inspired this current endeavor. Like the Wenzels I was back in Black River Falls to work a festival, a different one being held… Continue Reading

Donut Dreams

So this is what my life has come to. I’m now a donut ball vendor. The idea originated with my friend Life during a discussion on ways to make money legally while traveling. She spent a significant part of her life hitchhiking America and, for a brief time, she, myself and two others lived on a school bus. Those adventures ended when she got married, had twins and was forced to become an adult. But her desire to travel has never waned. But how does a single mother of twins support a family on the road? “Donuts,” she suggested. It… Continue Reading