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Goals: Past & Present

UW-Madison Arboretum in southwest Madison, WI. Going into 2011 I expected to at least double last year’s number of posts. At that point I was eying an extended summer road trip followed by an autumn overseas. Neither happened. Now, as 2012 approaches, I end 2011 with considerably fewer posts than in 2010. So much for goals. I was never good at them anyhow. Did everyone have good Thanksgiving? Mine was good, aside from the carbon monoxide thing, and then the turkey catching fire thing. In the end, they added up to a whole lot of nothing and we ate heartily.… Continue Reading

Recall Fever Sweeps Wisconsin

Wisconsin residents are working overtime to derail their governor. Madison, WI – Recall fever has struck Wisconsin, where a monumental effort is underway to oust Gov. Scott Walker less than a year after the radical conservative took office. After months of planning, the campaign began in earnest early last week when thousands of volunteers hit the streets to gather the 540,000 signatures necessary to force a recall election. Remarkably, in less than a week, more than 105,000 people have signed the petitions. That’s more than one-fifth of the total signatures needed, with more than 50 days to go before the… Continue Reading