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Crime in Rio Arriba County

Española police question a man accused of beating on his sister.
Rio Arriba County, New Mexico—These are a sampling of pictures I took as a crime reporter in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, between Santa Fe and the Colorado state line. « Previous Next » /* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14Continue Reading

Shit Talk

Small Town, North Dakota—So this girl and her man come in yesterday, a cute little couple from Indiana. He looks All-American while she was some kind of bitchy little twat with an outsized attitude. They want a room and she wants it now, but nothing is available until two. They lounge on the couch in the office for awhile, explaining they’d driven 24-hours straight from Indiana, en route to Idaho. We relate, having made a similar 17-hour excursion last week from New Mexico to here. The drive knocked me on my ass for two days. Twenty-four hours. Sounds like hell.… Continue Reading

Cleaning House

Small Town, North Dakota—I spent my first morning as manager of the cheapest motel in town cleaning house. It seemed the previous managers—a young couple in their early 20s—had given every job-seeking transient and local degenerate a room on the promise they’d pay when payday rolled around or when grandma called with her credit card number. The grandmothers—half-suspecting they’re being scammed by their grandchildren—do always call. Their consistency, weighed against the paycheck, is unrivaled . Half the rooms were filled with squatters or speed freaks, indiscreet in their indiscretions. It’s easy to spot. The same sketchy locals will bounce from… Continue Reading

Where People Go To Be Disgusting

Small Town, North Dakota—Through a cascading chain of bad luck, poor decisions, and fate, I’ve landed in a small American town, where now, along with my girl, I manage a low-budget motel along North Dakota’s I-94 corridor. The motel, built in the 1960s, sits smack-dab in the middle of the state’s Bakken Oil Patch, where the world’s major oil companies are racing to pump an estimated 500 billion barrels of petro from deep within the planet, oil that just six years ago was untouchable because the technology didn’t exist to retrieve it. The majority of the motel’s 62 rooms are… Continue Reading