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They Believe: 9/11 Truthers Spin Shadowy Conspiracies

This article originally appeared in a June 2006 issue of Isthmus newspaper.  Madison, WI – David Hammond is articulate, well-educated and seemingly thoughtful. He is also paranoid. And the harder he works to convince others that the U.S. government orchestrated the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, the more paranoid he becomes. “Thing is, I’ve received e-mails,” he says, without further explanation. “And I accept the fact that my phone is probably tapped. I have to think very carefully about what I get behind in a public way.” In Madison, like numerous other places, the 9/11 Truth Movement has coalesced into a… Continue Reading

Are Police Becoming Too Militarized?

Image by Kim Herbst This investigative work, written by yours truly, originally ran in the Aug. 13, 2015 issue of Isthmus, one of the best alt-weeklies in America. Gregory Humphrey was mowing his lawn on June 16, when, just after noon, four police officers wearing military khaki and armed with assault rifles cut purposefully across his yard. “It happened extremely quick,” recalls Humphrey. “I swung the lawn mower around when I reached the edge of the property…and there they were.” As Humphrey, 53, tried to make sense of it, more heavily armed officers began to spill out of the rear… Continue Reading

Shine On You Crazy Green Dot

Everybody has got something to hide except for me and my monkey, John Lennon sang. The Internets are a remarkable tool, half of the time. The other half, it’s remarkably irritating. Great for news, porn–news about porn–and keeping up with everyone but the Kardashians–ya know, that vacuous tribe of squishy and stretched narcissists that recently drove Lamar Odom (to a brothel) and Scott Disick (to his yacht) for drug-fueled ménage à trois? Now Odom is in a coma after being discovered by two hookers and Disick, according The Daily Mail, appears worse for the wear. But what the Internets… Continue Reading