Red Rocks: One of Colorado’s Greatest Treasures

Morrison, CO
– Colorado is full of natural wonders, undying beauty and vast open wilderness. Though the eastern range is a little flat and barren, you need not travel too far west of Denver to discover why the area has dazzled humans since the time Clovis technology made its way south from the Bering land bridge.

Just fifteen minutes from downtown Denver you’ll find Red Rocks Park, famous for its world-class outdoor amphitheater and its gigantic red sandstone outcroppings. Many of the rocks are sedimentary and formed the bed of giant river more than 245 million years ago. Then, beginning some 170 million years later, the rivers dried and the Rocky Mountains began to form, causing the uplift which positioned the rocks at their current angles. Many fossils, including dinosaur bones, have been discovered here over the years.

The Ute Indians used the area as a camp before the whites drove them out. In 1964, The Beatles became the first rock band to play Red Rocks. When it’s not playing host to events, Red Rocks is a favorite destination for hikers, joggers, nature enthusiasts and anyone seeking a clean break from the hustle of city life. There is no admission fee which makes it all the more sweeter. Anyone traveling I-76 West through Colorado is strongly encouraged to visit the park as well as nearby Morrison, home to a variety of western-themed taverns, restaurants and boutiques.



  1. The nature looks somehow sevear and wild, but very beautiful at the same time. Beautiful pictures indeed!

  2. Ziga says:

    I heard from my friend (she was studying there) that Colorado is amazing! I saw a lot of her pictures and I really want to visit it one day!Anyway…nice picutres!

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