Seeing the Past From Atop the World

Part of the ancestral pueblo village of Tsankawi.

Los Alamos County, NM – About 12 miles from the main section of Bandelier National Monument is the Tsankawi section of the park, a gem hidden along State Highway 4. It’s worth the hunt because the 1.5 mile walk along the rim of this mesa is like striking sensory gold. Because it’s so far removed from the main attraction you can count on having the mesa to yourself, especially during a weekday. The mesa is covered in tuff, a soft volcanic ash that over eons became a soft white rock with a slathered appearance resembling frosting. The Tsankawi inhabited this mesa beginning around the 1400s until moving on 100 to 200 years later when severe drought became an existential threat.



  1. Ruth says:

    I love the poetically descriptive title of this post–beautifully done! These photos are stunning! I can’t help but think of how I felt standing at the top of Segrada Familia overlooking the city of Barcelona. There is something about viewing historical sights from such heights that puts things in a different perspective with a new kind of magic. I’m definitely adding Bandelier National Monument to my travel list. 

  2. monica says:

    Very Nice Blog!! As a traveler i am too adding this place to my travel list

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