To The Death (In Pictures)

Española, NM – Yesterday a minor ruckus erupted outside my house. An inattentive bee had flown into the web spun by a spider that had hunkered down in the corner of the adobe’s doorframe. It thrashed and buzzed wildly, trying to free itself. What unfolded was an epic battle between two gnarly insects that both can cause pain to the human body with their stings and bites. But this was a battle of life and death for both creatures. Being a spider hater, my sympathies were 100 percent with the bee, though, as an observer, I kind of wanted to see the spider eat the bee. Below is a pictorial record of the showdown.


  1. These photos are very creative. I like how you’ve played around with the DOF here.

  2. Removals says:

    If I have witnessed a battle to death with these two characters, I would most probably take part in the battle, and try to defent the bee. I hate spiders so much- as a child a big dark brown spider had creeped upon my arm, and the first thing I saw when woke up was its ugly figure.

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