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Snoop Raps with Puppet for Airline

I’ve never been to New Zealand, but from those I know who have visited its two main islands in the south-west Pacific Ocean, it sounds like nothing short of paradise. With so much topographical beauty, history and a fair climate, you’d think it’d be difficult to turn one off on the idea of traveling there, at least on the country’s primary airline. Enter the ad released today by Air New Zealand, featuring its controversially misogynistic icon, Rico, a puppet developed with help from The Jim Henson Company. Rico is no Kermit the Frog, mind you. In fact, he looks more… Continue Reading

A New Year’s Eve Journey Home

The fog was thick just before my 3:15 p.m. departure from Madison. I was twice stranded in Madison last summer due to van troubles, making it back to Philly a week after I was supposed to return to my job in September. Now here I am three months later having missed another week of work due to an inability to get from here to there. Five days after a blizzard slammed the east coast, delaying thousands of flights, I was finally on my way back to Philly. The fog in Madison yesterday was thick, raising concerns I might again be… Continue Reading

Flying Fears

It happens each time I fly. In the run up to departure, I become obsessed with reading about great accidents in aviation. I like reading determinations of causes. What failed? What went wrong from there? Did anyone survive? It’s oddly comforting, as if the possibility of understanding why the plane I’m on is falling might improve the experience if not the odds. Yesterday at work I spent some time reading about plane crashes. Some crashed through the fog into mountains. Some plummeted into the sea. Others fell at steep angles into neighborhoods and farms and forests. But I think the… Continue Reading